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First Visit

We are dedicated to great dental experiences.


We, along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry,

recommend you bring your child in by his or her first birthday.


During your first visit, you will be introduced to our Pediatric Dental Team, given an office tour and discuss your child’s unique smile and ways to keep it beautiful for years to come.


Depending on the age of your child, he or she will either be given a knee-to-knee examination (where your baby’s head will rest on our doctor’s knee while their body is on your lap) or a regular exam in the dental couch.


We request that you complete our First Visit Forms prior to arriving for your appointment. This helps our office keep your and everyone else’ scheduled visit on time.


Your initial exam will last approximately one hour. Oral hygiene instructions will also be given with suggestions to help your child care for their own teeth. In most cases, we will also clean their teeth on this visit, and provide an evaluation that will outline any existing dental problems and proposed treatment.


 Schedule your first appointment today!

We are pleased to receive your child as a patient in our office and feel honored by the confidence you have placed in us.  We sincerely desire to make your child’s dental visit as pleasant as possible.  To help you become acquainted with our office procedures the following suggestions are offered:


1. If a child’s mouth is to develop properly, the first (primary) teeth must be healthy.  Please realize that x-rays and when necessary, diagnostic models of the mouth enable us to thoroughly examine, diagnose, and recommend proper treatment for your child.  Be assured though, only those x-rays which are necessary will be taken.  We do not take x-rays on a routine basis.


2. Please do not be upset if your child cries, for crying is a normal reaction to fear. Children may be afraid of anything new and strange, or of something they do not understand.  Kindness and smiles are the greatest contributions to overcoming fears.  Children are usually more receptive to dental procedures during the morning hours when they are more fresh; We hope that you will not object to taking them out of school for a dental appointment if treatment is necessary.


3. The majority of children can be reasoned with and dental treatment performed quite satisfactorily in our office.  However, some children require in office oral sedation to restore their teeth.  This option will be discussed with you if we feel it is necessary for your child.


4. In discussing dentistry with your child, PLEASE DO NOT use words which may have an unpleasant meaning such as needle, hurt or drill.  Every possible effort will be made to make the dental treatment as pleasant as possible.  Dentistry for children is a very important health service, and we will do everything to treat your child like we would one of our own.


5. On your child’s first visit, and on all visits thereafter, the parents are requested to remain in the reception room.  After your child has been examined and has had a chance to become acquainted, you will be invited to see the entire office and ask any questions you desire. We have tried to design the office so that it is warm, friendly, pleasant and inviting to our patients and their parents.  We are delighted for you to see any part of it.


6. At the time of the first visit, and after a study of the x-rays and clinical findings, we will diagnose your child’s case.  Present conditions existing and proper treatment will be discussed.  An estimate of the fee for all services needed will be given and all financial arrangements will be discussed at this time.  We always want to inform before we perform.  Fees for the exam and diagnostic services are payable at the first office visit.  If you have dental insurance, we will give you a form to file your own insurance claims. We will assist you with filing insurance claims.


With your cooperation, we can make your child’s dental visits pleasant experiences.  We, as pediatric dentists, are dedicated to the highest standards of preventive dentistry and will endeavor to treat your child like we would want you to treat ours.  Our goal is for our patients to have healthy, attractive smiles and positive attitudes toward dental care and themselves.


Please help us run on time by having your first visit forms filled out when you arrive for your first appointment.


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